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A down-to-earth team passionate about delivering inspired accounting and business solutions tailored to your exact needs across accounting and tax, financial management and administration, business improvement and growth.

Sarah O’Bryan

Sarah’s vision for Further is simple: to inspire you to achieve more with the right advice and support, and the confidence that comes with having a clear path to business success.

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Ian Holmes

Ian is driven by a desire to put ‘the people back into accounting’, going above and beyond to deliver spot-on business advice with a level of care he believes everyone deserves.

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Sarah O’Bryan

Sarah O’Bryan

Director | Chartered Accountant

Not one to do things by halves or say no to a challenge, I took the long road to go Further.

Two decades ago, I found myself working on reception in an accounting firm in Sleepyville NSW, where I realised I had a passion for precision and finding solutions for people. Today, I am a Chartered Accountant and Director of a fresh start-up Brisbane-based accounting firm.

With the right mindset, courage, discipline and a lot of determination, I have achieved what many told me I couldn’t. That’s because you can go Further with good people around you. Throughout my journey, I have had people who have supported me to achieve my dreams and my potential. And these people have included Ian.

My vision for Further is simple. I want to inspire my clients to achieve more in business and in life – to help them go that little bit Further with the right advice, support and encouragement.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me enjoying life outdoors. I love to run! Most days, you’ll find me running with my Border Collie, kids riding next to me and my husband trying to keep up! I’m a happy camper, too. Although I will admit, our camping is more caravanning, sitting back in our la-di-da chairs, sipping champagne and eating cheese (the reason I need to run!).
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Ian Holmes

Ian Holmes

Navigator | Fellow Chartered Accountant

I’m you. A real person, juggling work and life. An easy-going husband who regularly burns things on the BBQ, a father to a quirky teenage daughter who constantly makes me question my parenting abilities (but what parent of a teenager doesn’t?) and the Alpha Dog to our family pet Groodle named Gnocchi.

For me, Further is not about building an empire or an accounting monument to ourselves. It’s about building personal relationships in a world of automation and technology. It’s about listening with a genuine desire to understand and delivering real value to people like you.

I am proud to be a Chartered Accountant Fellow with more than 30 years in the profession, but it’s true what they say: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

A good day in the office for me is when I use my skills or share my knowledge to help someone go a little Further and feel a little better.

“Me” time involves smashing laps with swim squad or going full pedal on my road bike for more hours than I’m (officially) allowed. And, my family loves the departure gate at Brisbane International Airport. TripAdvisor tells me we’ve seen only 28 per cent of the world, so our wish list is still long. However, normally you’ll find us a bit closer to home, enjoying the coastal lifestyle at the Sunshine Coast.
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Together, we go Further

We know you know it’s important to spend time on your business, not just in it. More than just a ‘tax time provider’, we provide year-round business coaching and support that helps you take your business Further.

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